• 10 pieces Tree of Life Salmon

    6 oz coconut milk TOL

    5 oz sweet soya sauce cominex

    1 oz honey

    7 oz curry sauce

    30 oz cooked long grain rice Toms

    20 oz mango salad

    u00a01 oz cominex sambal

    Salt and pepper


  1. Mix the coconut milk, soya, honey, sambal
  2. Marinate the salmon in the coconut milk mix for 3 hours
  3. Remove the salmon, place on baking sheet and pan roast at 400 for about 8-10 mins
  4. Place the remaining marinate in a pot and reduce down to It covers that back of a spoon, set aside
  5. Heat the rice and fold in the curry sauce
  6. Remove the salmon glaze with the thickened marinate
  7. Serve the salmon over the rice and top with the mango salad

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