Dare Foods Limited

When Mr. Charles H. Doerr started baking in the back of his Kitchener, Ontario grocery store in 1892, he planted the seeds for Dare Foods, a Canadian company which enjoys a world-wide reputation. He made cookies, candies and crackers which quickly became favorites throughout southwestern Ontario. Although more customers were added as sales gradually expanded across Canada and into the United States, those same products have been offered for the approval of consumers ever since. Today, Dare bakes cookies, fine breads, and crackers in modern baking facilities in Kitchener, ON, Denver, CO, and Spartanburg, SC as well as Montreal, QC, St. Lambert, QC, and St. Martine, QC. Dare candies are made in new plants in Toronto and Milton, Ontario. Dare Foods provides employment to over 1450 associates across Canada and the United States.

Just as Charles H. Doerr did when he founded the company, Dare Foods today strives for consistently high quality in all its products and services. Dare works hard to develop new and exciting product concepts designed to appeal to its growing list of customers. Dare listens to its customers to ensure they receive excellent products and good service. A strong sense of values has contributed to Dare Foods's success over the last 110 years and will support Dare's continued presence and future growth in the worldwide marketplace.

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