Earth's Own Food Company

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Earth's Own Food Company is one of North America's largest marketers of fresh soy beverages and is the dairy-free (soy) category leader in most major grocery outlets in Canada.

This rapidly expanding company markets its products in Canada and to the United States, Hong Kong and Korea.

Soyaworld's mandate is to market products that deliver the health benefits of soy protein by combining the scientific and technical expertise of soy food production with dairy beverage processing technology. Soyaworld had production facilities in Brampton and Ottawa, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Soyaworld offers a portfolio of dairy-free beverages to meet the changing needs of our diverse population. Soyaworld brands include:

  • So Good - the good tasting fortified soy beverage which contains similar levels of protein, calcium and other minerals as milk. 
  • So Nice - a fortified soy beverage made from 100% organic soy beans for the health food market. 
  • Sunrise - a traditional soy beverage designed for the enjoyment of the Asian market

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