Barkman Honey

We are honeybee people - avid supporters of the little magical creatures who generously share their sweet bounty. It all started with Esra Barkman in the 1920s. His love of bees prompted him to hop a train from Kansas to Oregon where he mastered his craft working in the bee yards. He returned to Hillsboro, Kansas and started a family tradition of selling honey beginning in World War II when sugar was rationed. In the late 50s, Esra shared beekeeping with his son Richard. With increased demand, they founded Barkman Honey Company in 1960. Its flagship brand, Busy Bee, promised customers Clearly Nature's Finest, and they delivered with each bottle.

Today, Barkman Honey continues to be a beekeeper-owned family business that maintains operations in Artesian, South Dakota, a 60 year tradition that has helped the family grow its honeybee advocacy and preserve bee culture for future generations. Barkman Honey proudly shares its flagship honey brands, Busy Bee and Naked Wild Honey, in addition to private brands with retail and foodservice customers across the United States.

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