Happy Planet Foods, Inc.

Randal Ius and his friend Gregor Robertson were two Vancouver boys with big dreams. Using a blender and lovely organic carrots grown on the Robertson family farm, the boys started concocting juices and smoothies to give city people a taste of the country. They called their business Happy Planet. Today, through perseverance, a good dose of passion, and a few mistakes on the way, Happy Planet is Canada's leading all-natural food and juice company. We continue to make great smoothies and juices. Happy Planet makes fresh, delicious, all-natural, and organic soups too. Our products include organic lemonade, 100% pure orange juice, fruit and vegetable juice, organic unchilled juice, organic fresh juice, fruit smoothies, extreme smoothies, Nutmilk smoothies, Matcha green tea smoothies, and ready-to-eat fresh soups.

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