Principal Brands

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State-of-the-art thermometers, WiFi temperature and data monitoring devices.


Ovenable, biodegradable containers & utensils for takeout and catering.

Moist towelettes, wraps & liners, prepacks and placemats.


A leading provider of 100% pure traceable honey since 1960.

The only company in Canada sourcing all its honey from its owners to ensure quality.


Dare candies & cookies. Brands include Bear Paws, Breton, Simple Pleasures, RealFruit, Boulangerie Grissol, Wagon wheels and Break time.


Non-dairy wholesome beverage brands So Good, So Nice, and So Fresh.


Creating unique, high-quality salad dressings, sauces, mustard and mayonnaise spreads since 1935.


Specialty pickles, peppers, sauerkraut, and relish.

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From the avocado tree to your community in less than. 10 days.

Producer of organic juices and smoothies.

Creators of some of the world's most favorite chocolates, candy bars, licorice, baking ingredients and syrups.

Producing over 70 different varieties of pasta. Certified Kosher and organic pasta.

Kerry’s foodservice brands deliver the highest quality taste & nutrition. Their portfolio includes DaVinci Gourmet, Island Oasis, Big Train, Oregan Chai, Golden Dipt, and Ravifruit

A leading supplier of imported specialty foods. Roland Foods imports more than 1,500 products from North America, South America, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Premium liquid sauces, soups, seasonings, marinades, stock and 100% natural glaces.

Manufacturer of English & specialty teas. Brands include Teapigs Good Earth and Eight O'Clock coffee.

Distributor of innovative & on-trend products. Brands include Bob's Redmill, Kinnikinnick, Blue Diamond, Bel Brands, Bottle Green, Conimex, Paul Dupré, Zast and more!


Made with 100% Canadian dairy. Offers an exceptional experience through quality service and innovation in products.

Belgium inspired mini cream puffs, eclairs & other pastries representing the best Europe has to offer.

Handmade flour and corn tortillas.

A leader in plant-based proteins and organic snacks with trusted names such as Yves, Terra, Dream and Sensible Portions.

Authentic and delicious Mediterranean cuisine with quality ingredients, versatility and great tastes that everyone enjoys.

Croissants, danishes, puff pastry, breads, garlic toast/bread .

Chef Pierre Pies, Muffins, Cakes, Bistro Collection.

Tyson products range from that juicy ribeye at the five-star restaurant to fresh meat at the local butcher. Brands include Jimmy Dean, Advance Pierre, Barber Food products and and specialty pizza toppings.